MIME Types

Type Sub Type Typical File Extensions
text  enriched  
 html  html htm
 plain  txt
multipart  alternative  
message  external-body  
application  activemessage  
 mac-binhex40  hqx
 msword  doc
 octet-stream  tar dump readme bin uu exe
 oda  oda
 pdf  pdf
 postscript  ps eps ai
 rtf  rtf
 x-dvi  dvi
 x-pdf  pdf
 x-tar  tar
 x-tex  tex
 zip  zip
image  gif  gif
 ief  ief
 jpeg  jpeg jpg  jpe
 rgb  rgb
 tiff  tiff tif
 xbm  xbm
 xpm  xpm
 x-xwindowdump  xwd
 x-pict  pict
audio  basic  au snd
 x-aiff  aif aiff aifc
 x-wav  wav
video  mpeg  mpeg mpg mpe
 quicktime  qt mov
 x-msvideo  avi
 x-sgi-movie  movie

 Multimedia Email Extensions (MIME) define the types of media that are used on the Internet. RFC1521 and RFC1522 specify the types and subtypes for MIME. The  directory ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/media-types/ also describes these types. The x- prefix for the content-type indicates that the extension is not considered a standard type and may change or be defined otherwise by other users.