URL (Uniform Resource Locator) 

 A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a name for a resource on the Internet.

 A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) has this general syntax:

scheme:[//host.domain[:port][/path][/filename]][newsgroup][email address]

 where scheme is a protocol used in network communication. Here are the popular protocols:

Protocol Explanation
 file  file on your local system, or a file on an anonymous FTP server
 ftp  a file on an anonymous FTP server
 http  a resource on a World Wide Web server
 gopher  a resource on a Gopher server
 WAIS  a resource on a WAIS server
 news  an Usenet newsgroup
 telnet  a connection to a telnet-based service
 mailto  a link for sending electronic mail

URL Example
http://www.systembus.com/document/network port.htm Shows the URL to a Web site, www.systembus.com, to the the resource in the directory document, file Network port.htm
ftp://ftp.commonbus.com/ Links to an FTP site, ftp.commonbus.com, to its top-level directory.
mailto:tendom@hotmail.com Links you to a session in your Web browser set up for sending electronic mail to tendom@hotmail.com
news:alt.fan.letterman Links to a Usenet newsgroup, alt.fan.letterman